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Making smali a bit easier to read in Emacs

Oh that? Just some pretty colors while reversing...

Oh that? Just some pretty colors while reversing...

Spending a large amount of time using baksmali and reading through small files can be rather dull without the right tools. A while back I noticed a few people making color scheme files for vim, Notepad+ and other tools I didn’t use. So after reading up on a quick few tutorials I created a smali-mode for Emacs.

The code is up on my github, I haven’t actually touched it in a while until last night. I noticed a few other people actually pulled clones of it and made a few minor fixes! Some good fixes too, making the loading much faster and fixing some things I wasn’t too sure about myself for making an Emacs mode.

Anyway – hopefully other people find this useful and maybe more people will contribute to the project.

For people looking for the other color schemes here are some of those resources;

Jon Larimer’s vim scheme;

Lohan+’s Notepad+ color scheme; (Directions here)