Dex File Header Dump

I’ve been working on the header a little more – so I figured I’d post some code I just finished throwing together quickly. It’s not all the code, since most of it is experimental and I’m not finished doing it, but this will provide people with the information on how to dump the dex file header information.

This now dumps all the header information from the original file, and will recalculate the signature and checksum in case something has changed. A version should be available shortly to check for differences in all the values, hopefully soon being able to calculate the correct values if something is wrong.

Maybe this will be useful for someone? Otherwise, oh well it’s just here in case I delete my files. Working on functions to find the new values after patching and to allow patching/injection of code. I’ll have to write up more later as I don’t have an overwhelming amount of time right now, busy day and I’m exhausted. Saw Sara play some volleyball, finished up solo campaign in COD5, spent a few hours reading and researching some dex related things and trying to get some more injection to work. Tomorrow I probably won’t have time to post – but trust me, this stuff will be up sooner or later. It’s a big puzzle I’m chipping away at, and it’s bugging the heck out of me not having the answers.

  1. Thanks for this. It really helped me out!

  2. This is absolutely perfect. Thanks a lot, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.

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