Ah-ha! Success in patching DEX file!
Successfully patching an android application

Successfully patching an android application

It had been bugging me tons since the application kept crashing. I knew the signature and checksum where correct since it wasn’t barfing on installation of the .apk file. So I kept thinking and thinking, finally I decided to do something useful… Look at the traces log! Here we can clearly see that an exception is being thrown… But why?

I decided to do yet another smart thing, that I should’ve done – and redumped the dex file and see if it was making any sense… Of course! I edited the wrong opcode. Apparently in my overwhelming dumbness I tried changing the registers and a exception thrown for the statement. This is something the Dalvik-VM did not agree with, thus the barfing.

I’m going to recreate a nice little example with source code of a simple patch performed on a dex file, and I’ll outline the process used to do so. Hopefully I’ll have this posted sometime tomorrow!

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