How to manually access “restricted” market areas

Mmmmm... Market Data...

Mmmmm... Market Data...

I’ve noticed some people have been having trouble with Andrea’s program, the Market-Enabler – so prior to him launching his GPL’ed code for the program. I thought that I would explain what it is actually doing.

While I’m not 100% sure, I believe that the problems people are having are with the super-user whitelist application. So running these commands yourself via adb or the terminal on the phone should resolve any of the issues. Also, an obvious thing should be that, you DO need root! This method has been testing on 1.43 JF, 1.5 JF and theDUDE and has worked fine on all of them.

What to do
Simply fire up adb or the terminal on your phone, and type in “getprop”. This will return a large list of variables – you should either make a back up of these or write them down. Simply typing “getprop > prop.backup” will make a back up of these values and pipe them to the file named “prop.backup”. This will be needed incase you mess anything up.

To enable seeing of paid applications that are available to the US, the following commands must be run:

setprop gsm.sim.operator.numeric 31026
setprop gsm.operator.numeric 31026
setprop gsm.sim.operator.iso-country us
setprop gsm.operator.iso-country us
setprop gsm.operator.alpha T-Mobile
setprop gsm.sim.operator.alpha T-Mobile
kill $(ps | grep vending | tr -s ‘ ‘ | cut -d ‘ ‘ -f2)
rm -rf /data/data/com.android.vending/cache/*

Essentially you are setting the US standard values (for the T-Mobile Operator) on your phone, these values are the gsm.sim.operator.numeric, gsm.operator.numeric, gsm.sim.operator.iso-country, gsm.operator.alpha and gsm.sim.operator.alpha.

The next line simply looks for the vending application, and kills the process. The next time will remove the cache files you have stored from the vending application. These two lines essentially make sure your phone will regrab the values you have set, so you can properly view the market data.

What about other markets?
I’ve gotten quiet a few comments and questions regarding this. The same method used to set your phone to the US T-Mobile market could be used to set your phone to any other market. All you need to know is the values from that area. So get your friend to give you the values for their area and carrier and simply replace the values above with it.

Again… Yet another note
I did not make the program Market-Enabler, I only helped Andrea and have also translated his posted. Please when using this information quote your sources, both my site and Andrea’s Androidiani.com – it’s only fair to do so!

Enjoy :)

  1. also works great on Haykuro ADP1.5Hr3

  2. YOU RULE!!!!!!
    finally paid apps for switzerland!
    finally i can play abduction! world attack
    and it works
    mersi viel mol
    mille grazie!

  3. one question: any idea why i still can’t download pac-man?

  4. Does anyone know if this method can make the ‘copy protected’ apps visible to the dev phone (adp1)? Thanks.

  5. Hy Tim… from a comment on my wiki I tried what happens if I just set the values for
    gsm.sim.operator.numeric and gsm.operator.numeric and this has the same effect… no need for the other values ;-)

  6. I would love the values for the UK market aswell…

  7. tried market enabler (t-mobile G1, purchased in Germany, with Chinese SIM-card (living in China)) and doesn’t work. tried the manual solution suggested under the thread “How to manually access “restricted” market areas” – but on command getprop > prop.backup terminal tells me “getprop is read-only file-system”.
    i run on Cyanogem ROM 4.04.
    did anyone encounter this before?
    Tried to use My Android Manager to change from read-only to read/write, now

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